Zwift Cheater Admits to Using an ANT+ Simulator to Earn a "Tron" Bike

Selene Yeager just forwarded me this article: "Britain's first male e-racing national champion stripped of title following data manipulation charges". He admits to using an ANT+ simulator to rack up easy miles to "earn" a fancy bike which gives an in-game performance boost.

Since I presented on how easy it is to cheat at Zwift using ANT+ manipulations I shouldn't be surprised but, yeah, I am surprised. Running 2000 watts for hours on end to climb 50,000 meters is rather obvious!

Brad Dixon on

DEF CON 27 Presentation Material and Links

  • PDF slides of the presentation.
  • Presentation video: Recorded by Cameron Saman. Great to have until the DEF CON conference recording gets published.
  • Demo video
  • Follow-up webinar: In mid-September I'm going to do a follow-up webinar based on the DEF CON talk so I can go a little more in-depth and share the content with people who couldn't attend DEF CON.
  • Motherboard, the tech branch of Vice, published an article "Hacker Discovers Way to Cheat in Zwift, the Virtual Bike Racing Exercise Game" by Joseph Cox. He actually interviewed Brad Dixon and Mike Zusman so I'd suggest that his article is the best of the ones that have been published.
  • USB hacking toolkit built for man-in-the-middle hacking USB. You'll need to install and configure USBQ and this site has the instructions.
  • Source for ELANCE plugins for USBQ that fiddle with Zwift sensor data.
  • References to a bunch of articles about cycling, Zwift, virtual cycling, and links to the ANT+ protocol documentation. You'll have to join the ANT+ developer program to access their documents but it is free.
  • Be sure to watch Keith Wakeham's ANT+ sensor spoofing demo video. He took a different approach by fully emulating the ANT+ sensors using a Nordic Semiconductor reference board. Awesome work!

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